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[něh-gēēn fär-saad] -noun. 1a: female; 2a: social justice comedian;
3a: writer; 4a: director; <neg-in far-sad-al adjective>

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NYTimes – Animated Op-ed Video

NPR’s Live from Here Standup Set

A Highly Scientific Taxonomy of Haters – TEDTalk TED Fellow Negin Farsad weaves comedy and social commentary to cleverly undercut stereotypes of her culture. In this uproarious talk/stand-up hybrid, Farsad speaks on her documentary, The Muslims Are Coming!, narrates her fight with the MTA in New York and offers a detailed breakdown of the different types of haters she’s encountered in her […]

3rd Street Blackout Trailer

Negin Farsad on…Dating a Jew

Negin Does a “Bacon Test” with

"The Bacon Test" #WeAreBetterThanThis With another #GOPDebate tonight we’re unfortunately expecting more Islamophobic rhetoric out the Republican candidates.Discriminating against people by religion isn't just un-American, it's also impossible and stupid! We sent Muslim comedian Negin Farsad out into NYC to prove just that. #WeAreBetterThanThis Posted by on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Negin on AMJoy

Negin Farsad on…Tacos

How to make jokes at a tyrant – TEDTalk

Negin at Standup NY

TEDWomen 2015

The Secret Life Of Muslims

I wrote a book! It’s called “How To Make White People Laugh”

Hitting stores near you in 2016. Buy Book Buy on Amazon Buy on Apple Buy on Books-A-Million Buy on IndieBound Buy on B&N From the acclaimed writer, director, and star of the hit documentary The Muslims Are Coming! comes a memoir in essays about growing up Iranian-American in a post-9/11 world and the power of […]

Negin Farsad Overcame Racism with Comedy | The Zoo

Comedian Negin Farsad Talks About “How to Make White People Laugh”

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I’m a TED Fellow!

Folks! In a world of ridiculous-things-happen, I was named a TED Fellow! So I’ll be giving a little TED talk on the stuff I do on social justice comedy (that genre of comedy that I’ve pretended exists for the entirety of my career). If you’re going to the TED conference, hit me up! We’ll have […]

Miley, Minecraft, Mandela: Negin Farsad leaves 2013′s shenanigans in the dust

This was originally published on the TED Fellowship Blog As 2013 inexorably rolls into 2014, social justice comedian and filmmaker Negin Farsad has a few choice words for the outgoing 365 days… You started 2013 thinking it was gonna be a real hoot. There was an inauguration for a president, a bunch of balls, Beyoncé […]

The HuffPo List of Female Comics

Well, I gotta say, Its totally lovely that the Huffington Post included me in their list of Top 53 Female Comedians. They forgot a bunch of delightful and hilarious be-titted colleagues like Becky Donohue, Katie Halper, Amy Albert, Julie Goldman, Charlyne Yi etc etc. But even though the list is incomplete, I still gotta brag […]

An Admittedly Funny Commercial

I wracked my brain thinking of all the toothbrush commercials I’ve seen in the past and even though I’m IN this toothbrush commercial and even though there’s no way I could possibly be impartial, I have decided that this is, objectively, the funniest toothbrush commercial I’ve ever seen.

Negin at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Negin will be performing in two new shows at the Edinburgh Fring Festival. The Dirty Immigrant Collective The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy

Negin on TV, on stage, and on your face… in a manner of speaking

Friends, Folks, Neighbors, Enterprising Pimps, Bedraggled Ladies of the Night, My Bodega Man, I’m in Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Film, Music & Interactive Festival! I’m actually the IFC network’s on-camera correspondent for all things information-digital-cloud-space. I’ll be jamming the IFC airwaves with my face starting March 13th (or possibly 14th) and if […]


And here is some standup!

The Reel!

Folks! I’ve been threatening to post my reel online and now that threat is an alarming and totally scary reality. So scary, it will make you hire me next time you need a director/writer/producer, or just director, or just writer, or any combination therein. Ehem, anyways, check it, enjoy it, be duly impressed by it. […] – The Big Bank Effect

Folks! Here’s a video I made for SEIU that’s about something that drives everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – crazy. Enjoy slash get unnerved.

Satirical health care reform video from me…

Folks! Here’s more directin,’ editin,’ and concept developmentin’ from me. Fun fact: HAARM was the most popular “anti-healthcare reform” website for a time on the web… we fooled them. – letter delivered to CNBC!

At, over 20,000 people signed a letter asking CNBC to hold Wall Street accountable. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee delivered that letter to CNBC’s corporate headquarters. Watch the video here. The letter continues to grow… sign it at Directed by Nagin Farsad, Music by Anamanaguchi & Gabriel Alter Thanks to Katie […]

Don’t call me that!

Middle Eastern-American comedians Dean Obeidallah, Negin Farsad and friends Break it Down.

Ahmadinejad and the Columbia Protest

Iranian-American comedian, Negin Farsad, went to Columbia University to see what all the fuss was about when Iranian Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to speak. This video is a part of the Dirty Immigrant Collective off-Broadway show at the Culture Project in New York City.

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