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[něh-gēēn fär-saad] -noun. 1a: female; 2a: social justice comedian;
3a: writer; 4a: director; <neg-in far-sad-al adjective>

Title track to the motion picture The Muslims Are Coming!

Written by Negin Farsad & Tory Dahlhoff. Music video directed by Negin Farsad


The Muslims are Coming! is the title track to the feature film THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! now available on iTunes, Amazon, Playstation and wherever digital films are sold. Also available on DVD.

Additional Song Details:
Edited by Andrew Mendelson
Graphics by
Vocals by Negin Farsad & Tory Dahlhoff
Instrumentation by Brothers Dahlhoff
Vocals produced by Gaby Alter & Brothers Dahlhoff

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