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[něh-gēēn fär-saad] -noun. 1a: female; 2a: social justice comedian;
3a: writer; 4a: director; <neg-in far-sad-al adjective>

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  • Thu

    The Case For American Execptionalism by a Lady Muz

    VariousJoe's Pub

    The ultimate case for American exceptionalism is brought to you by none other than your favorite Iranian-American Muslim comedian who is also 5’4’’ tall. Negin Farsad cycles through her life as an Iranian-American Muslim, married to a Black man, with one of those typical Bliranian toddlers. It’s an evening of standup-comedy-meets-TED Talk-meets-ethnic-lady that through (occasionally dumb) jokes and (surprisingly elegant) PowerPoint, defines patriotism, deconstructs Dave Matthews fans, AND solves the curse of soggy sandwich bread.

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