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  • Mon
    1:00 pmWherever you get your podcasts

    At Fake the Nation we have been recapping the HBO hit series Succession! Every week of the season, guests like Peter Sagal and Issaac Mizrahi, and regular guest Danielle Durchslag join me to dish out takes, reactions, analysis and complaints about Manhattan real estate. Its FUN.

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  • Thu
    10:00 amWherever you get your podcasts

    Fake the Nation is a weekly podcast where host Negin Farsad is joined by comedians and luminaries to talk about three  subjects from culture, news, and politics! Except its fun and optimistic and often ridiculous. Panelists include people like Margaret Cho, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Isaac Mizrahi, Samantha Bee, Jon Lovett, John Hodgman, Peppermint and so many more.

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  • Thu
    7:30 pmStudebaker Theatre - Chicago, IL

    I'm on the panel! Come check out a live show, they're super fun and you get to see how the sausage gets made. It mostly gets made with more jokes than what you get to hear on the radio!

    Get your tickets:

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