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[něh-gēēn fär-saad] -noun. 1a: female; 2a: social justice comedian;
3a: writer; 4a: director; <neg-in far-sad-al adjective>

I’m a TED Fellow!

In a world of ridiculous-things-happen, I was named a TED Fellow! So I’ll be giving a little TED talk on the stuff I do on social justice comedy (that genre of comedy that I’ve pretended exists for the entirety of my career). If you’re going to the TED conference, hit me up! We’ll have a drink and a gossip. Till then, you’re delightful.


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  1. Tori Weld says:

    Hi, Negin!
    Just finished viewing “The Muslims Are Coming” docu on Netflix & just wanted to congratulate you and say how great it is. It’s also fab to see your connections with the TED folks. You are doing phenomenal things with your talent and I simply want to be one voice that says, “KEEP IT UP!!!”

    As for myself, I’m an international aid worker who has served a myriad of people groups throughout the globe.

    Even though I am from a state known for its progressive mentality (Oregon), I grew up in a small conservative Christian community. Sadly, I have seen some of those ugly attitudes crop up here and there; at times it staggers me to see people I love think with such pettiness.

    Fortunately, I have not only statistics and persuasive social commentators such as yourself for reference points. And not only do I know world history (religious history) as well as an excellent grasp on the Biblical & Koranic passages (The OT, NT or Koran game u did was brilliant — I’ve done something similar in churches & civic groups. It’s SO compelling!).

    My work in places like Afghanistan & Kosovo have given me ample real life, personal relationships with many Muslims who took me into their homes & families. There were even times where these amazing people literally put their lives (& that of their family) in harm’s way for me, particularly my first time in Afghanistan (shortly after 9-11).

    Anyhow, all the best to you & your endeavors!

    Khuda hafez,


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